Wrestling the Dragon: How I Fought Diabetes and Won

A diabetes diagnosis will be life-altering. 

But it doesn't have to be life-shattering

This is my story. The story of how I learned to conquer the beast that lives inside of me despite the struggles and obstacles, the needles and finger-sticks, the desperation and disappointment.

A story of how I (and my parents) managed my type I diabetes since I was diagnosed at the age of seventeen months; how my father and mother first encountered the dragon--how it nearly killed me. It's a story of hope and encouragement: a tale of normalcy when "normal" might seem like a foreign word to a newly diagnosed diabetic or parents watching their child struggle to fit in while carrying the burden of the beast. 

And most of all, it's a story of persistence. The story of a simple boy who grew into a determined young man and never stopped chasing his dreams despite the dragon roaring inside him. 

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Reviews of the book

"Wrestling the Dragon brings the reader inside the on-going daily battles of living with a chronic disease. AJ Cunder, diagnosed with Type I diabetes at age 17 months, shares his experiences - the "highs" and the "lows" - with compelling honesty, humor, courage and optimism. Anyone reading this book will find pearls of wisdom to fight one's personal "dragon" from this young, talented author."

--Johanna Burani MS, RD, CDE author of #1 diet book Good Carbs, Bad Carbs