Princesses and wizards, knights and crones, welcome to A.J.’s humble abode!

Apologies for the attempt at bard-like poetry, but that’s the medievalist in me…

Seriously, though, welcome to my author page where I hope you’ll take the time to peruse the stories I’ve written and published, works that span genres and worlds. From a high-fantasy epic penned while I was in high school, to a flash fiction piece about a mysterious red ball growing on a Harlem sidewalk, to a co-authored introduction to medieval literature, to a sci-fi/fantasy about a woman who cures death, I’m sure there will be something to please the palette of every reader who ventures through these halls. Some stories are free to read online, others are available in anthologies on Amazon, and some books are available to purchase directly from me (which means you get a signed copy! How exciting).

And should you ever feel spellbound to talk about a story you liked or didn't like (hopefully not the latter), ask about my editorial exploits, or debate who the greatest medieval author is (*hint* that’s a chapter in my medieval literature book), drop me a message at (without the parentheses, of course).

Wishing you good health and happy reading!


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