As a kid, I was a DREAMER. And I still am. Some dreams I've managed to achieve; others I'm still chasing.........

I had a sandbox as a kid, and a small toy excavator I'd sit on and use to dig up everything around me. Of course, I always wanted to sit in a real excavator. I would make my dad take me to construction sites around town and whenever I found an unlocked excavator, or backhoe, or front loader, or bulldozer, I'd sit in the operator's seat and move the levers, pretending to dig up the dirt and move mountains. Well, I never thought I'd actually get to experience my childhood dream of operating a real excavator. Until I found Diggerland. Yes, that's me in those photos playing in a very big sandbox in a very real excavator. 

Another childhood dream? Being a fire fighter. Some people told me I could never do that, because I was a diabetic. Well, I proved them wrong.

Police officer? Same thing. People said I was diabetic, I could never do that. How could I make it through the police academy? Well, I did make it through the police academy, graduating first in my class with the highest academic average. Essex County Public Safety Academy, SLEO Class 12-1. I served as a volunteer deputy sheriff with Essex County for about two years before working as a Class II police officer with Union City, NJ in March 2015.

I still have a few dreams leftover from childhood that I'm still chasing. Like becoming a Special Agent with the FBI, or getting a novel on the New York Times Bestsellers list. And I'll never stop chasing them. I don't care what the dragon says, or anyone else. As long as I have breath in my body, I'll never give up on my dreams.